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Numeros Cogi 0-11 (base 12) 3x4 Negro :iconavengium:Avengium 2 1 Numeros Cogi 0-11 (base 12) 3x4 Plantilla :iconavengium:Avengium 1 0 Numeros Cogi 0-11 (base 12) 2x3x2 Negro :iconavengium:Avengium 2 0 Numeros Cogi 0-11 (base 12) 2x3x2 Plantilla :iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
The Rajski Drac (english version)
Inspiración: Original. Nebulosas, Rajski Ptak, dragones chinos.
Tema: Nebulosas.
Imagen:  Golden Dragon by LaraBLN
The Rajski Drac 1  are creatures that inhabit the nebulae and have a very elongated body composed of the same material as the nebulae where they are. Their head is very similar to that of a dragon and they have prominent mustaches. Like Rajski Ptak, Can dissipate in interstellar dust and gas when they do not want to be discovered, but unlike them, the Rajski Drac has a different attitude about who looks at them and seeks to be found but only when they do.
The Rajski Drac are haughty and tall creatures. They do not leave their nebulae unless their life is in danger, in these cases they venture out of them to feed themselves. His method of feeding is a little special: when two beings share information, the Rajski Drac per
:iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
Handwritten Cogi numbers Base10 page 02 60-101 :iconavengium:Avengium 1 0 Handwritten Cogi numbers Base10 page 01 0-59 :iconavengium:Avengium 1 0 Simbolos CMPA Cogi 0-63 base 64 Black :iconavengium:Avengium 2 0 Simbolos CMPA Cogi 0-63 base 64 Grid :iconavengium:Avengium 2 0
Los Cachalosas. English version
Inspiration: Original.
Topic: Hlon Civilization.
image: Rhinosaurus (Godzilla).
These creatures that seems stone-like rhinoceros are actually an experiment of the Forgers of Black Swords to get some living battering rams to rock against the walls of their enemies.
After the Forgers ceased to need them, they were implanted as local wildlife on various planets (Hlon, Neshl, etc.). This, logically, altered the ecosystems of those planets. But it did not hurt too much the Cachalosas. They were able to adapt well.
Its physiognomy consists of, on the head, a great central horn, three or more auxiliary horns (they can also be lateral), a powerful mouth but with little teeth and tw
:iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
Los Cachalosas. Original. Spanish
Texto original.
Tema: Civilización Hlon.
imagen: Rhinosaurus (Godzilla).
Estas criaturas parecidas a rinocerontes de piedra, son en realidad el experimento de los Forjadores de Espadas Negras para conseguir unos arietes vivientes que azuzar contra las murallas de sus enemigos.
Después de que los Forjadores dejaran de necesitarlos, los implantaron como fauna local en diversos planetas (Hlon, Neshl, etc). Esto, lógicamente, alteró los ecosistemas de aquellos planetas. Pero no perjudicó en exceso a los Cachalosas que se supieron adaptar bien.
Su fisionomía
:iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
The Dauki Ptak. English version
Inspiration: Original. Nebula, Rajski Ptak.
Topic: Interplanar beings.
Image: "Winter Phoenix - Contest Entry" of shadowdragon22.
The Dauki Ptak (also called Frost Phoenix in its original plane) reproduce mainly in the Plane of Jypë (very close to the Plane of Magnum), that, with its tireless variety of icy planets, gives shelter to them.
The Dauki Ptak should not be confused with Winter Birds, as these are not authentic Phoenix, meaning they are not reborn at the end of their life, while the Dauki Ptak reborn.
The Dauki Ptak develope in a wide range of forms, so the scholars divide them into three groups.
Medianis includes the smallest specimens
:iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
The Hunters of Skills, English version
Inspiration: Fantasy tropes of Centuries XX-XXI.
Topic: Interplanar beings.
Image: "Drain Soul" of Chanimated.
Being a Hunter of Skills is more an inclination than a species, although all mimetic, polymorphic, metamorphic and adaptoid species may be inclined to this.
What a Skill Hunter normally seeks is to acquire powers and abilities to live up to a trophy that he intends to acquire. This causes some Interplanar Hunters also to be Skill Hunters.
But many Skill Hunters do not want the gifts they have acquired for a temporary lapse, but want them to gain power. 
The latter makes them also related to the Lords of Evil (some are placed under his orders, entering the Army of Evil).
Skill Hunters can be either humanoid species (such as Grenjhal, Hannya, etc.), or non-humanoids (such as the Oehju or the Night Snakes).
The ego of a Skill Hunter is usually their doom, since when they control many special features the
:iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
#300 Daren'Ga By Alwaysdisconcerted Sillypillow :iconavengium:Avengium 5 2
Los Cazadores de Habilidades. Original,Spanish
Línea de inspiración: Fantasía siglo XX-XXI.
Tema: Criaturas interplanares.
Imagen: Drain Soul de Chanimated.
Ser Cazador de Habilidades es más una inclinación que una especie, aunque todas las especies miméticas, polimórficas, metamorfas y adaptoides pueden ser dadas a esto.
Lo que un Cazador de Habilidades busca normalmente es adquirir poderes y habilidades para estar a la altura de un trofeo que tiene pensado adquirir. Esto provoca que algunos Cazadores Interplanares también sean Cazadores de Habilidades.
Pero muchos Cazadores de Habilidades no quieren los dotes que han adquirido de manera temporal, sino que los quieren para hacerse con poder.
Esto último hace que también se los relacione con los Señores del Mal (algunos se ponen bajo sus órdenes, ingresando en el Ejército del Mal).
Los Cazadores de Habilidades pueden ser tanto especies humanoides
:iconavengium:Avengium 1 0
The Ignimbrilyn (English version)
Inspiration: Original. Geology, clouds, ashes, volcanoes.
Topic: Beings > Clouds civilization.
The Ignímbrilyn seek hot environments. Probably too hot for humans.
They have to locate this hot places, because as the temperature decreases they take more risks to suffer the disease of "cold ashes". The disease of the "cold ashes" affects these beings in a devastating way, emptying them from inside of their pyroclastic material in suspension.
In fact, one could say that the ignimbrites[wiki] are the "corpses" of Ignímbrilyn, although this is a simplification that can lead to error.
The Ignímbrilyn are impulsive creatures, but they not lack of cunning. They approach volcanoes (if they can choose preferred vulcanian and
:iconavengium:Avengium 2 0

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I want pieces with a touch of magic.
Hello, Request by Alexxxhunt this is the third journal of a series that make a recopillation of the milestones of my gallery.
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The third step in this series is: from 201-300. This is a
continuation of my hobbies.

:bulletblue: Deviation 201 >  #201 My Taylor Swift Albums '16 01 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 210 >  TS 1989 NYC Welcome to New York, it's been ... 01 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 220 >  TS 1989 Ryan Adams Cover CD Front 02 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 225 >  TS 1989 Ryan Adams Cover CD Booklet 02 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 230 >  TS RED (Deluxe Edition) CD Front 01 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 240 >  TS RED (Deluxe Edition) Booklet 04 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 250 > 2016.02.12 Pegaso 01 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 260 >  TS Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) Booklet 02 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 270 >  TS Speak Now World Tour Live CD + DVD 03 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 275 >  Webchemy 002 Birthday present for Lordwormm 2016 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 280 >  TS Speak Now World Tour Live CD + DVD Booklet 05 by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 290 > The shining valley of Aldold by Avengium

:bulletblue: Deviation 300 > #300 Daren'Ga By Alwaysdisconcerted Sillypillow by Avengium


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Angel Montero
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi, i'm avengium. And despite the image i'm not an individual of a cosmic owl gods species. The Daren'Ga (the owl gods) are one of my most beloved original species and one of the oldest.

I'm a fantasy and fiction enthusiast. I love to imagine things all the time. Sometimes simple things and sometimes entire worlds.
I love art, mostly fantasy and imaginative and onirical art.
I love the feeling of green nature, the beauty of the ecosystems, the spirits of the nature, the faeric and elves and all things related.
I love mythology and legends all around the world.
Also i love Science and knowledge.



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